Who is Fodder Group? 

Fodder Group Inc has been the world leader in hydroponic sprouting technology since 2006!


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Our Strengths

Fodder Group build the best quality hydroponic fodder systems on the planet, built to last 20+ years. We back it up with the best advice and support. 

  • Quality Systems

    Don't buy a second rate system just because its 'cheap'. Invest in quality technology that grows the best fodder from Fodder Group

  • The Right Advice

    When it comes to growing fodder, you need the best advice right?  Our global experience means you get the most up to date advice

  • Innovative Marketing

    Turn your system into an earning powerhouse with our marketing support to sell the most nutritious feed ever grown

  • Great Support

    You can't be the best unless you are supported by the best. We support you through every phase of your business

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