Chris Levick

Global Fodder Consultant

I save farms and producers time, effort and big money in setting up hydroponic fodder operations

If You Are Considering Fodder And Don't Know Where To Start, You've Come To The Right Place!

As an integral part of two major fodder companies, nobody is better qualified in this business to assist you

  • Education

    I'll get you up to speed with all of the information you will require to make an informed decision. If you are reading this site, you're on the right track. 


    Nutritional profiles, financial models and other key information will all provide a compelling case for fresh fodder

  • Planning

    I can provide a turnkey service where I handle all aspects of your build or simply give you everything that you need. Technical drawings, inventory lists, suppliers, the lot.


    Planning everything in advance is a sure fire way to build the most cost effective installation possible

  • Advice

    Everything from projected volumes required to feed your herd to case studies from all over the world. Knowing the many pitfalls of the business will save you real money.


    Fundamental things such as grain selection and sourcing, preferred water types, correct lighting and air management

  • Growing

    Much of what is out there on the internet and on social media is written by hobbyists and amateurs. I'll give you all of the secrets to growing exceptional fodder.


    After your system is up and running, I'll be here to watch over you and provide ongoing advice where needed 

The Sustainable Alternative

Hydroponically grown barley and wheat fodder is the future of livestock feeding

Fodder Is A Global Movement

Smart farmers all over the world are turning to fodder, and for very good reason. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for as many as we can to get involved. 


    Leveraging resources with 1:6 ratio of grain to fodder


    I With a 6c per pound production cost, its world class


    Less stress on the land leads to rapid regeneration


Scelerisque a at a vivamus a faucibus hac leo maecenas a netus a condimentum.

Dane Meyer

Cattle Farmer

"Chris helped us every step of the way on our cattle ranch, our cows are doing incredibly well"

Gladys Arevalo

Equestrian Professional

"Chris is the most knowledgable person on the planet when it comes to anything to do with growing fresh fodder"

CW Swenson

Grain Buyer & Consultant

"I've been buying grain for fodder operations for nearly 10 years and Chris is the most knowledgable guy in the business"

Finally A Way To Reduce Feed Costs On Your Farm To Under 6c Per Pound, Without Breaking The Bank!

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